Saturday, May 29, 2010


looking at old mates new updated photos,
i realized..

i dont have gurly handbags like that~
i dont put make ups on!
not even eyeliners~
i'm still loving my sneakers!
don't have those gurly shoes to put on.
not liking 'em either.
shades..? what's that?
and um.. what do u call that?
contact lenses! yeah! nope, dont have that either!
woo wooo...

that's a big difference fawi..
dok dlm kaed ni mmg tak membesar eh?

eh.. yeke? matang je la rasenye...

looks doesn't really matter..
kemas ckup la..
sedap mata org pandang, cukup la kn..
what matters the most is your inner self.
and the strength u got.
ur spirit. ur iman.
ur knowledge!
The Power of Knowledge.
those are the ones u need to upgrade..

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