Monday, November 29, 2010

Alphabet Cookies

Haritu pergi ziarah kak mar and she gave me her alphabet cookie cutter.. Kakmar kate "akak dah bagi tu nnt akak nak tengok fawi buat".. So fawi buatlaa~ ni ha die.. nanti nak buat untuk hadiah kawen huda plak..insyaAllah.. thank you kakmar..

Ilham baby kakmar..Ilham comel. Ilah pandai gelak sorang2. KIUT~!

Beef Patties

Daging korban haritu banyak..
Taktau nk wat ape..
Mak plak keje..
So fawi pun wat la homemade burger..
Check2 resepi kat internet sket pastu improvise dengan mak..

Bahan2 patties:
daging cincang
bawang (diced)
celery (diced)
kentang (dah direbus n lenyek) seibiji
mix herbs
bread crumbs/oats
eggs 2 or 3
mustard sket
kalau letak black pepper sauce pn sedap gak nih..

*mix sume together, leave for a few minutes, wat bentuk burger n goreng mcm abang gerai burger goreng burger.

Bahan2 sos:
bawang (diced)
tomato (diced)
milk (air dicincang takkan putus)

*cairkan salted butter sket atas kuali, masukkan bawang n tomato, smpai naik bau, tuangkan susu (tak kesah susu ape asalkan jgn susu pekat manis oke..) tak kira la banyak mana.. secawan kot.. pastu garam n pepper.. kalau nak pedas letak pepper banyak2..yang ni pun kalau letak black pepper sauce mesti bertambah3 sedap..ske sgt sos nih!

ok dah.. tulis kt sini supaya tak terlupa next time..

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bagi mereka yang bertanya..
Especially ada@robek@angah.
sorry I dont know the measurements in cups..

Simple and Easy. *trust me*

Ingredients :
250g salted butter (i.e. buttercup@farmcow)
125g brown sugar
125g caster sugar (can reduce sugar if u like)
310++ g flour (tepung gandum je)
2 eggs
1/2 teaspn soda
250g chocolate chips

How to:

0. Baca doa2 n bismillah banyak2.

1. Mix well:
250g salted butter
125g brown sugar

125g caster sugar

- in a mixing bowl using a mixer heheh.

2. While mixing @ before mixing those butter n sugar,
beat the eggs together with soda
-in a small cup or bowl or anything you like.

3. After the butter mixture blended well together, keep on mixing,
pour the egg n soda mixture bit by bit

4. Setelah ia sebati, masukkan pula tepung followed by chocolate chips. Mix well.

5. Freeze about 2 hours - 1 day. (boleh tahan dalam freezer lama2) months pn boleh.

6. Bake your cookies at 175-200 degrees abour 15-20 minutes (depending on your oven).

7. Serve.


should look something like this before/after freeze (tak berubah pun rupa dia haha)

and like this after you bake:-
left: around 500g right: around 1kg


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Graduate Employability Program by MOHE

My Career My Future is a collaboration program with Ministry of Higher
Education under Graduate Employability Program.

It is a training program to enhance the soft skills and personal development
and at the end of the program, there will be a job placement for the graduate
with the GLC, MNC, and other private sector such as Maybank, CIMB, Proton,
Vads and etc.

The program will be conducted throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and
Sarawak. It is a 8 weeks training program which will be divided into 2 parts.

the first part is the personal development training to focus on improving your
soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, decision making, public
speaking and presentation, interviewing, grooming, and many more will be train
for you during the 4 weeks period.

And the second part is the industry specific training to focus on this 5
specified industries - finance, human resource, retail, IT, hospitality
and call center.

then, we will arrange you for the interview with the companies and will continue doing that until you are being employed.

Diploma/degree holder for any course,
21 years old and above,
CGPA 2.3 and above,
Malaysian citizen,
unemployed or unsatisfied with current job.

The program will commence on October 2010 and will be held at every state in Malaysia. No fees is required for every candidate who join this program.

Any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at the number below and please state to speak to me (Mr Hafiz) or drop us an
email and we will respond in a short period.


Hafiz Kathi

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hari Ahad lepas visit kak Mar di rumahnya di Bangi..
Borak2, and she gave me the idea untuk buat cute boxes for chocs.
And since saya memang buat jualan cookies kecil2an, it would be nice kalau dpt buat cute boxes for my cookies. Dah terbayang2 dah how the design would be.
Plus, kakMar hadiahkansaya alphabet cutter (kot?) for cookies n other stuff.
Also gave me an idea utk main celup2 alphabet cookies with colorful chocs. Dah terbayang lagi.
Arini, mdm Huda requested (saja2) home made cupcakes for her cute daughter Daania.
Terpikir nak buat cupcakes design with the alphabet cookies tulis nama D.A.A.N.I.A..
Masuk kan dalam cute box~ so nice!
Nak buat jugak.
Nak buat jugak.

Ya Allah berikan aku kesempatan masa dan kekuatan semangat,
hindarkan aku dari penyakit malas.. amin amin amin..

Jubah 1

Friday, November 12, 2010

"I am glad I have chosen you."

This is not a love letter.
It's just a post.
Just a special post.
Dedicated to a special friend.

He calls himself a genius,
with a Z.
So that makes him a geniuz.

To me,
He is not just a friend.
But a special friend.
He listens to my problems.
Not just mine, but many others too.
He would always lend a helping hand to anyone, including me.
Even sometimes, it forced me to shed some tears for him to help me.
(hehe gurau)

Despite all the things we've been through together,
As friends.
As close friends.
Despite all the fights and the tears.
The emotions, and the blaming,
I could never forget him.
As a nice person to me.
A special person, to me.

The one who always made me laugh.
The one who always made me calm in a storm.
As childish as he is, there is a part of him that ermmm..
There something in him that.. emmmm..
There is just something wonderful, unexplainable.
That whenever he is in trouble, I really3 wish that I could help him.
A wonderful friend he is.
Among the friend that I will remember til the day I die.

People call him my 'adik'.
I don't mind it.
I let them.

Because inside my heart,
I hv always loved this friend of mine.
Despite everything that happens,
That feeling inside never fades.

But now,
Things are not the same anymore.
Things change.
And as change is constant and perfectly normal,
I accept it as it is.

But he will never change to an outsider to me.
Just like myself, and all other people,
We have our own qualities.
We are imperfect.

And as quoted by Max "Dr. Bernard Hazelhof said if I was on a desert island, then I would have to get used to my own company - just me and the coconuts. He said I would have to accept myself, my warts and all, and that we don't get to choose our warts. They are part of us and we have to live with them. We can, however, choose our friends, and I am glad I have chosen you."

I'm glad that I chose him to be my friend.

I have a lot of friends that I purely cherish, and grateful for.
Other than him, and you know who you are.
Please do not be upset because I didn't write about you.
You know how special you are to me.
My language to you expresses how I feel about you.
U know how special you are to me.
And I also am glad that I have chosen all of you..
Thank you.


Thank You Allah!

Aku tak pernah terpikir utk jadikan blog ni sbgai diari harian/mingguan/bulanan aku.
Tapi aku nk rekodkan je kt sini, aku dah berjaya buat baju kurung sendiri! buat jubah sendiri! buat roti (walaupun buat berdua tp insyaAllah boleh sendiri!)! Next up~, belajar buat chocolate, blajar jahit blouse.

Dengan izin Allah, aku berjaya buat semua tu.. Seolah2 tak percaya tapi itulah kuasa Allah!
Thank you Allah!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Thursday, November 4, 2010



Baju Kurung 1

Berjaya jahit sendiri..
Hasil tunjuk ajar Maryam Mahmud..
Alhamdulillah! ske2..
Semua atas keizinan Allah...
Aku berjaya menghabiskan projek baju ni..
Tidak kusangka..
Atas keizinan Allah..