Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Graduate Employability Program by MOHE

My Career My Future is a collaboration program with Ministry of Higher
Education under Graduate Employability Program.

It is a training program to enhance the soft skills and personal development
and at the end of the program, there will be a job placement for the graduate
with the GLC, MNC, and other private sector such as Maybank, CIMB, Proton,
Vads and etc.

The program will be conducted throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and
Sarawak. It is a 8 weeks training program which will be divided into 2 parts.

the first part is the personal development training to focus on improving your
soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, decision making, public
speaking and presentation, interviewing, grooming, and many more will be train
for you during the 4 weeks period.

And the second part is the industry specific training to focus on this 5
specified industries - finance, human resource, retail, IT, hospitality
and call center.

then, we will arrange you for the interview with the companies and will continue doing that until you are being employed.

Diploma/degree holder for any course,
21 years old and above,
CGPA 2.3 and above,
Malaysian citizen,
unemployed or unsatisfied with current job.

The program will commence on October 2010 and will be held at every state in Malaysia. No fees is required for every candidate who join this program.

Any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at the number below and please state to speak to me (Mr Hafiz) or drop us an
email and we will respond in a short period.


Hafiz Kathi


Aqilah Nizar said...

fawi nak join ke bende ni?

fawizah said...

was chosen to participate.. so rasenye join je lah kot~ since saye mmg malas nk cari keje skang.. at least ade jgk la push utk cari keje.. heheh
nape qil? ade reviews from sape2 yg pnah g ke?

musher said...

ouh...ari selasa aritu kementerian pelajaran ada call...tya dah keja ker time tu jwb dah keja..maybe dia nk info menda ni kot...insyaallah...smoga apa yg kite ceburi...adalah yg tbaik yg Allah bg kt kite dan mbawa kita kpd rezeki yg halal n kebajikan...~

fawizah said...

insyaAllah musher...
good luck to sumerrr kawan2~
rindu korang..

hillboyz said...

Salam.. Leh tumpang tanyer... Betul ke program ni???

fawizah said...

wasalam... mm.. saya pun sbnrnya join sekejap je.. tak smpai seminggu, pastu kuar.. heee.. tatau la.. program ni memang betul pun.. tp still kena cari kerja sendiri jugak.. dorang akan tolong naikkan sahsiah diri la whatsoever camtu.. tp dorang akan target or carikan keje utk kita more to services punya department.. contoh mcm call center camtu.. itu yang saya dengar lah.. sy tak tanya pulak kawan2 lain yang ikut program tu smpai habis..