Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Currently feeling like a pathetic loser.
Other friends are already working, although they say their job sucks and stuff, but they ARE working.
What about me? Well, I'm still here looking after my grandma n grandpa.
It's not that I don't like it here, I do. It's just that there's nothing much that I can do.
Not that I didn't do anything. It's just routine. I hate routines. Mm..
Well sometimes I do feel blessed to be given this experience. I learned that staying at home, doing house chores and taking care of my elders needs patience. And just to teach myself to be patient, I fast sometimes. So alhamdulillah sedikit sebanyak I gained a few things here. discipline? maybe.. hihi *i hope so*.

And oh! I get to bake with Maklang a few times (on the weekends) . That's enough to keep me happy I guess. hehe. There was this one time we baked chocolate muffin, it turned out funny. Dont know what happened but somehow muffin tu senget. Senget how?

Dalam gambar ni it doesn't look that senget la since we pushed the thing down so tak nmpak senget. Die senget masa dalam oven, time die tgh naik.. selalu die naik straight je n merekah, so nampak cantik la but this time die naik senget ke tepi.. hehe..
And lagi satu i helped maklang buat apam dot-dot (that's how they say it). But I prefer apam polkadot.

Since this is our first time making this so tak cantik sangat la outcome die. But will try to improve this weekend lah. So that's what I've been doing for the semester (since kawan2 yang sambung blaja pun dah nak final, so I consider this my semester). Of course dengan graduation sume sekali termasuk dalam semester ni. But still tak banyak yang saya buat.

What's pathetic about this loser is that, she's such a loner. Am I? huu~ Quite lonely I might say. Not a loner though. Facebook is there but not much action. Yahoo messenger is also there but no action at all. I have tons of friends online, but no one to chat with. So I would just stare at the computer, waiting for something to happen. Checking other contact's status blablabla. Pathetic~

But I have to take this positively, spend my time the correct way. For instance I still have books that I haven't finish reading yet. I could work on finishing them. Yup. Do that. Why not do that? hmmm.. ok3...

Oh ya, good news, the actual maid will insyaAllah arrive this Saturday. I have a friend's wedding that day but don't know who to go with. *pathetic lagi* Since masa sekola I don't have banyak kawan yang "sekepala". I mean, I'm okay with a lot of people. I made a lot of "kenalan" but not so many "sahabat". Just a few, but dorang tak free la plak on that day.. So still tatau nak pegi camane dengan siapa. *krik*krik*krik*

K.. habis tugas kat sini nanti nak g sambung belajar.. menjahit~ hopefully takde aral melintang insyaAllah..

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