Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Missing My Friends

I miss it when everything was fun between us.
I miss it when there's no hypocrisy when we're together.
I miss it when I and Farrel were still good friends.
When no conflicts occur. No feelings came in between.
I miss it when Phoebe and Steve were single.
I miss it when it's not "only us" day out.
Because to me, we are all a family.

I hate it when I wanna go out with this and this person,
I have to consider that and that person's feelings.
Nope. I don't like that.

We were not like this before.
Everywhere we go, we go together.
Everything we do, we do it together.
I miss this. This feeling. I miss my friends.

Luckily throughout this journey of friendship,
One friend remains the same.
One friend remains close.
One Mimi remains kelamkabut.
One Mimi remains Mimi.

What's gone, just let them be.
But I try to appreciate what I have now.

Although if I have the chance to fix the damages today, I would.
But what happened, happened.
And I'm thankful to have what I have now,
and also thankful to what I had before.

So thanks korang..
I love you~


cik mimiemon said...

eeh..nama sapa tu? mcm kenal..haha..baru baca..tenkiu fawie..heee~ *blushing sorg2*

fawizah said...

dah2 mimi jgn nk blushing lebih2.. pakai blusher cukup~

ابن يس said...

nama hezry xde ke?haha

fawizah said...

tak maluuuu~ mintak tulis nama sendiriiii~ huuuu

V said...

fairuz mne?? bosanlahh

fawizah said...

ok nnt kak letak nama fairuz eh~ no problemo~