Friday, March 26, 2010


This special entry is dedicated to a field called "architecture".
What I'm going to say might annoy some people who really have the passion towards it.
So if you like to keep on reading, go ahead but if u're better off not reading this, then just close this tab.

Architecture to me is a "perlombaan" or in english they call it competition or race. This is what I think one time ago.
To those who think the most important part in it is "to be noticed", maybe they really want themselves to be noticed.
Previously I think those who got good grades are the ones with a very eye-catching designs. But through out this 5 years of studying, a little of that thought has changed.
Coz I hv a few friends who got really good grades but the design looks simple. It's all about planning and knowledge of constructions, how to encounter this and that problems, how to ease people's life in whatever building they are in, to maximize and appreciate every space that you have etc.

One thing about architecture is it's a real challenge. As our Prophet pbuh once mention about the signs of Yaumul Qiyamah, and the competition in building skyscrapers is one of it. It is a really, really, really tough challenge. Quoting from a famous Muslim Architect "Sinan" , the first thing that you must have to be an architect is "taqwa". This I think can be applied in whatever field we are in. And it's very important for us not to make our work or professions as "everything" in our life. As if we're worshiping them. Now that's very dangerous. Whatever we do, try as much to not copy how the westerns or to be precise the "kafiruns" way coz Rasulullah SAW told us to always be different from them. And because we are Muslims, therefore we should do things our way.

Whatever you do, just try as hard to be a good Muslim. People's first impression towards architecture is "tak tidur malam" , penat, teruk kerja, but in the end it pays a good price insyaAllah (for the money they could make). That's in general. Ok let's think out of the box here. What are we? We are the "roh" inside a "jasad". We are actually the roh. Jasad and all the things surrounding us is not ours but Allah's. They are our responsibility. And we are obligated to protect their rights. I think I dont need to tell you what'll happen in the day of judgment coz everybody knows that. So, as busy as we are, always try hard to fulfill and balance the rights towards all "nikmah" that has been subjected to our use. Coz Islam is all about balance. There's nothing wrong with being excellent in your work, but if your work is excellent, make sure your contact with Allah is excellent, your duties to your parents are excellent, your health is excellent and etc. InsyaAllah you will be a successful person. But when your life is absolutely excellent, never forget to be excellently humble. Without it, we're nothing but an arrogant peace of meat.

Architecture students generally spend their time mostly finishing their projects, sacrificing their good night sleep, their family time and such. For me, I just couldn't handle a day without sleep. The most important thing besides sleep is our 'ibadah. The more time spent for the worldly matters, the more time should be spent for our 'ibadah. Banyakkan solat, doa, ma'thurat or anything that would help you remember Allah. Balance, people. Balance. Solat di awal waktu insyaAllah membantu. Alhamdulillah for me, the busier I get, the closer I am to Him. Alhamdulillah.

Always be careful with everything you do. Never be arrogant. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, those who have even a tiny peace of riya' will not enter paradise. InsyaAllah we are not one of those men.

My advice for my fellow friends out there who really wants to pursuit in this field, you have all my support. Be like a fish in the sea. Don't let the bad side of the profession get you. Kuatkan iman, teguhkan prinsip hidup mati anda (dunia akhirat). Change the world. Be a good Muslim Architect and take your journey as jihad! I love each and every single one of you.

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